Couples that see each too often compromise their sex live


Creating distance in a relationship is good, missing your partner, longing for them is healthy

In this day and age of technology, where two people work at home, see each other all of the time and have no space…..destroy their sex lives!!!

We are all animals, when it comes down to true sexuality, seeing your partner all of the time, having no time to miss them or long for them destroys the sexuality in the relationship.

Marriage and divorce are at an all time high, and it is not just that the economy is bad, it is that couples see each other too much. Creating distance in a relationship is a good thing, missing your partner, longing for them is healthy.

When sex is available all of the time, for many couples it can get boring…taking time to be apart and thinking about the other person can add excitement back to the relationship.

If you do work at home together with your partner there are things that you can do to create distance: Take your computer to a coffee shop several times a week to work….take time to go with friends in the evening…..go on vacations without your partner….move out of the house for awhile (it is less expensive than a divorce) time apart does make the heart grow fonder if the heart is still in love…if it is not then leave, life is to short! You want to have a great sex life then make it happen…


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