Are Gender & Sexuality Different?

Are Gender & Sexuality Different? [EXPERT]
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Expert Dawn Michael explains the differences between gender and sexuality.

Gender as we know it in simple terms, you are born a male and therefore your gender is a male or you are born a female and therefore your gender is a female. The same goes for sexuality; you are female and attracted to a male or you are male and attracted to a female (heterosexual). Then there is homosexual attracted to the same sex or bisexual attracted to both sexes.

The above is terminology of gender and sexuality. The part about gender and sexuality that can become quite confusing is if you are born a female but you feel like a male or you are born a male but feel like a female. This would be categorized or labeled as gender confusion or transgender. 

Gender and sexual preference are different. When it comes to gender confusion, many times it is not that the person is confused about their gender per say as much as they are confused about whom they are attracted to, their sexuality. A man that feels like a woman on the inside may be attracted to another man, but in his mind he does not see that as a homosexual relationship but rather as a heterosexual relationship, because he truly feels like a woman in a man's body.   The same can go for a woman. 

More confusion yet can be that a person feels one gender on the inside, with their body being different gender on the outside and then being attracted to the same sex, meaning that they are homosexual. Other factors that can be involved in the confusion as well are hormones, social views and religious upbringing. 

For any individual going through the process of gender confusion or watching a loved one struggling with the confusion it can be a difficult and a long road ahead but one that many people feel is worth taking. Having a strong support system and the knowledge of what options there are available can greatly help in understanding this complicated issue.

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