The call of the wild, being a sexy hot woman!


Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, they just haven’t gotten to have the same social freedom

Call it natural instinct, call it natural desire, call it animal attraction, raging hormones, high libido, some women love sex.

They love to have it, hold it, be on it, be in it, around it, just as much if not more so than men!

Stereotypically men are stronger, work harder, have bigger muscles and are always on the hunt for sex, be it with their partner or any partner for that matter.

The stigma for women on the other hand shows them as the weaker sex, subservient, submissive, sexually repressed and needing to be cajoled or coerced into sex.

Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, they just haven’t always gotten to have the same social freedoms that men do. Women in their twenties and thirties who are on the lookout for the whole package; husband, children white picket fence, that enjoy sex, suffer the stigma of being labeled loose, whore, slut or any other derogatory term of the day. They are deemed as women that are not good marriage material.

A young woman who is confident enough to safely take control of and enjoy the beauty and benefits of her own sexuality is an empowered woman. She is able to indulge in and act upon her natural desires and instincts at will. Yes, many women do have high libidos, natural desires and instincts. In this age of financial and sexual equality it makes sense that women are grabbing the world with a new sense of freedom. These women go for the gusto without fear or care about the antiquated stereotypes.

As to women involved in a relationship or marriage, these rules certainly don’t change. An article that I published over a year ago, “Reasons Why A Husband Does Not Want To Have Sex with His Wife” continues to get daily views and comments. The subject of a man not wanting to have sex with his wife is still taboo.

The reality is that there are men in relationships that are no longer interested in sex, causing their partner shame, blame or guilt. The myth is that women in general are not naturally as sexual as men.

Be it nature or nurture a woman is a sexual creature at every age. She should be free to enjoy the benefits of her natural desires without the fear of the social stigma attached to it.

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy sex life!

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