Is Lack Of Sex Plaguing Your Marriage?


The topic of sexless marriage is one issue in some marriages that is still taboo to talk about

Many couples do not even want to admit how long it may have been since they have been intimate with their spouse. Who is the "person" that determines what is the normal amount of sex in a marriage?

Who is to say what the standard of frequency of sex is in any marriage?

This is one of the grey areas in marriage that people want to know but are too embarrassed to ask. Usually when one person in the marriage is not happy or fulfilled this is when the questioning may begin. Marriage is about two people who come together to form a union and many times a man and woman may have different views on the frequency of how much love making is expected in the marriage. This poll that you can take is also a way for a husband and wife to take it together to break the ice and allow each other a view of what they may think is a normal amount of sexual intimacy in a marriage. This may help married couples to open the lines of communication surrounding sex in a marriage.

This poll is also a way to provide answers to questions that many people want to know but will often not ask.

When you take the time to participate realize that this is also is a way to help another person who may be struggling with their marriage and looking for answers or as stated above take it with your spouse and you may be surprised to see what their answers are.

Take the test!

This article was originally published at Squidoo. Reprinted with permission from the author.