5 ways to make your relationship better today


Do you want a better relationship, one that makes you happy, fulfilled, and satisfied?

The answer is yes, most people will take the time to make their relationship better if given the proper tools to do so.

    Being pro-active in your relationship: Far too many people will sit around and wait for the other person to do something to make the relationship better. The biggest problem with this is that it never happens. The reason is because the other person cannot read your mind or begin to make you happy, fulfilled or satisfied without you telling them how to do it. The myth “if my partner loves me enough they will know how to please me”. This myth is what gets couples in the mess to begin with, if you want something from your relationship then asked for it, be pro-active.
    Ask nicely: When you ask for what you want from your partner, do it in a way that is positive, respectful and loving. Do not ask for what you don’t want but for what you do want. Do not say what the other person has been doing wrong but what they can do to make it better. For instance if you want more kissing in your relationship then say “I really enjoy when you kiss me, you are a great kisser and it makes me feel good” don’t put a time on it or tell them to do it but simply let them know that you like kissing and want more of it.
    Give a hug: Hugging is one way to connect with someone you love in a very intimate non-threating way. Who does not need a good hugs after a long day, or even better, to start your morning off in your relationship with a great big hug.
    Complement your partner on something they do that makes you feel good: Not enough people complement each other in a relationship, and guess what? It feels great to be complimented. Begin complimenting and see the positive energy will come back to you. This is not a kiss ass compliment, but a true genuine compliment about what your partner does that makes you feel good. The end result t is that when you do compliment them they will be more motivated to do it again. For instance they may bring you coffee in the morning, so you simply can say, “when you bring me coffee in the morning I really appreciate it, it makes me feel good”.
    Offer your partner a back massage, foot massage or hand massage: The fact that you are offering to touch them with no strings attached because you want to make them feel good is a wonderful way to be proactive in your relationship. Human touch is one way to make the other person feel loved; it is an action not a word.

All of these suggestions you can start to do today, to make your relationship better, more passionate, loving and happy.

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