Ladies! Find Out The REAL Reason Why Men Leave The Relationship


It's happened to you again. The amazing guy you met just goes AWOL with no reason. Why? Here's why!

Do you want to know why most men disappear in the beginnings of a relationship? Before you can even find love?

It's because you're crazy. You just can't help yourself, but you're all crazy. It’s just the way you’re wired. It's the 8,000 emotions going through your brain 24/7. It's the Sherlock Holmes mentality that you have, always trying to find a loophole or a story out of nothing.

You can't help yourself. You're a woman. You're constantly doing investigative reporting on the guy you start to see. You're almost looking for things to go wrong, and then of course whenever you look for things to go wrong, you'll absolutely 100% find it every single time. Why? Because you're crazy!

It's amazing to watch, and I've seen it so many times. I've seen women go absolutely crazy in the first few weeks of hanging with a new man, and before long, the guy disappears. He vanishes into thin air, and then you wonder why he went. You think to yourself, "Why did he vanish? I don't understand!"

You talk to your friends for hours and hours, and days and days, trying to figure out what went wrong. Then your lack of trust builds up even more, and the next guy you meet, the same thing happens. He vanishes after a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

You don't know. You want to know why, and it makes you go nuts.

You're really good at spinning the victim mentality. This usually happens with women as they reach the age of 35 to 40 with a lifetime of disappointments in dating. Broken promises, and broken hearts start to take their toll, and your lack of trust goes out of control.

So you meet a guy who's awesome. He's cool. He's funny. He's even taking things slow. Within weeks you go into "crazy mode" and you read something about him.

Maybe you see a picture on his Facebook page with a couple of women. Immediately your mind goes back in time to when a man hurt you or cheated on you. Right away, you assume this new guy is doing the same thing. If he doesn't text you one day right away, you get suspicious.

That night he texts you something like, "Sorry I didn't get back to you. Crazy long day at work."

You get all funky with him because you're convinced he's doing something he shouldn't. You've already created a scenario out of nothing. The female mind is naturally drawn toward drama.

Look at the shows that attract a huge female audience:

  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • Real Housewives of New York City
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • The Bachelor

Women love drama and reading between the lines. The female intuition, which is absolutely right some of the time, is wrong sometimes too. You tend to create things out of nothing.

There's so many versions of female intuition. The biggest problem is that most women spend so much time literally creating something out of nothing. It's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. You're looking for something to go wrong so of course you're going to find it.

That's what happens in life: What you think about, you bring about. The second you think of something going wrong, you create it.

I've seen it thousands of times. I've seen it with women I've dated. I've seen it with women my friends have dated. I've seen it through all my clients. You're just a crazy sex. You're crazy, and I love you for it.

I think it's great. I love your craziness. I think it's fun and it's the opposite the way a male mind works. You see, when you put a man on the defense, creating something out of nothing that's not there, it's all based on your past stuff. It's based on issues you've had in the past with men.

That's why I've written so many times about snooping. Stop looking for things because when you look for things you're going to find them. And that potentially great relationship that you have, is going to end before it gets started. You're going to push him away.

Men don't deal with crazy very well. We see crazy. We run. When we were younger, we accepted crazy. We enjoyed crazy and we were okay with crazy. But as we get older, we run from crazy.

Take a look at your negative thoughts and ask yourself the next time you're hanging out with a guy, when you start to lose your mind. Think about what you're doing. Hold back your female intuition.

Allow the crazy thoughts to percolate for a day, watch them from a distance. Understand this is happening to you but you aren't going to let it derail your life or your potential relationship.

It may just save that relationship you've wanted for so long!