Make Him Earn Your Vagina

he's earning vagina

Do you still follow the "3rd Date Sex Rule"?

t’s a Saturday night.

It’s your second date, maybe your third.

And here you are, fooling around with him.

The pressure of having to sleep with him has been on you since you were 13 years old.

Now, you could be anywhere from your mid-30s to mid-40s to mid-50s, and the pressure is the same, so you give in.

And now you have this guy moving his hands awkwardly around your body.

Just like that little boy that was trying to grind up against you in high school; just like the little boys that you knew who were whacking off constantly—here he is.

Panting. Humping you. Doing anything he can to position his penis towards your vagina.

The problem is you’re just not ready yet. You’re not there, and you’re afraid to tell him because you feel so bad for the man.

“Oh my god, the poor guy. The poor guy is not going to be able to stick his penis inside the vagina tonight. Poor guy! Poor guy! He’s going to have to go masturbate again. Oh, I feel so bad for him…”

Stop feeling bad for him.

Start feeling for yourself. Start speaking up for yourself. It’s your vagina. You can do what you want with it!

It’s yours to play with. It’s yours to give. It’s yours to slide all over whoever’s pole you want to slide on, whenever you want to slide on it. Stop worrying about what he thinks all the time. And stop worrying if you’re a ‘tease.’

Be a tease! The more you tease, the more he wants it. So tease him.

Tease him three dates, four dates, five dates. Tease him over the phone. Tease him via text messages. Tease him on the Internet. Tease him via e-mail. But don’t give him the vagina until you are ready to give him the greatest, most powerful gift he’s ever experienced in his entire life.

Men have no clue how many orgasms a woman can have. It’s endless, and we are always vagina desirous and green with orgasm envy.

So you know what?

Knowing how much we crave the vagina, why do you give it to him so quickly? Make him limp his way home. Give him blue balls. Make him hurt, and make him beg to come back for more.

Send him to the guest room. Send him home on a two-hour drive—but don’t give up.

Don’t give in until you are ready.

Make him earn your vagina.

This article was originally published at David Wygant for Women . Reprinted with permission from the author.