Do You Want To Date A Man Or An Alien?

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Would you date an alien? The truth is in our modern age, the chances are you already do!

I have an interesting question for you today.

Would you date an alien?

If an alien decided to beam down from another planet, and landed in your bedroom, would you date him?

If he looked at you with big alien eyes, and in strangely attractive alien language told you he could be the love of your life, would you date the little green guy?

Are you open to dating aliens? I’m sure the answer is “no” because most of you have an idea of what you want a man to look like, and most would rather have a guy that wasn’t green with antennas. But here’s the funny thing…

Most of you actually DO date aliens.

You date aliens and robots. Androids to be precise. You’re constantly on your phones. You’re constantly sending messages and playing games. How about Siri on the iPhone? He sounds a bit like an alien. See what I mean? You spend more time paying attention to aliens and androids than you ever do dating real men.

It’s insane. Cell phones have dictated our relationships for the last 10 years, and as a society, we’re allowing the problem to get worse. We’ve become a society that’s socially retarded because we’ve forgotten how to communicate. It’s about packing as much of a message into 160 characters as possible. We spend all night making love to our cellphones.

The next time you’re out with friends, I want you to count the number of times you reach for your phone through the night. Admit it. How many times when you’re out and about do you hear the bleep of an email or text and grab for your phone like it’s some life raft in the ocean?

When you’re driving and you hear a text go off, how many times have you taken your eye off the road to have a look who’s getting in touch with you? I watch people “talking”, except they’re not looking at each other because they have their heads buried in their phones. We can't even hold a proper face-to-face conversation without staring at the phone.

How can you expect to meet and connect with a man when you’re dating your phone?
Your fingers caress the digits more than they gently touch the back of man’s neck. We’ve become a society dictated to by our androids and iPhones. We’re becoming less and less in touch and present every day.

Honestly, I find it all very scary. So here’s a challenge for you. The next time you go to reach for your phone, look at a man and smile instead. See how good it makes you feel. The next time you’re with your friends, don’t check messages on your phone. Stay present with them the whole night.

You see I dated a woman who was obsessed with her phone. I may have already told you about her before. We’d be hanging out, and her phone would bleep. Instead of ignoring it until we’d finished talking, she’d react as if it was the most amazing thing in the world.

Stay present folks. Don’t date your phones, and don’t date aliens!

There are plenty of good men out there, and they want to date YOU!