A Blueprint For The "Perfect" Date


Some guidelines to have that great night together!

1. Blueprint for the “Perfect” Date

Throughout the years, men have always asked me: “How do I make that first date as perfect as she expects it to be?”

(After all, first impressions are everything, right?)

Granted, every date is different, but I’ve come up with a checklist of some of my favorite tactics that leave her glowing at the end of the night…

In fact, these are so good, she’ll be texting or calling you within the next 24 hours expecting more of the same!

1. For starters, it’s okay to suggest a drink instead of dinner for a first date. She dreads a potentially boring, four-course ordeal, too!

2. Always call her by early evening on Tuesday to confirm a Wednesday get together – it’s the polite thing to do and let’s her know you’re already thinking about her. Plus, you’ll create a little intrigue and anticipation to get her excited about the upcoming fun…

3. Be sure to leave both your home AND work phone numbers. No home number and she might assume you have a wife or girlfriend. If you DON’T leave a number at all, she’ll likely wonder what game you are playing.

4. If you want to keep the plans a surprise, at least clue her in as to what to wear. You do not want an overdressed, overstressed woman navigating in high heels on a sunset beach walk.

5. Always listen to what she has to say, and make sure you wait until she’s done talking before responding.

6. Don't assume that just because you're out with a beautiful woman, she knows how pretty she looks -- she wants to hear it from you. Don’t go overboard, though: she might start to think you’re insincere.

7. Men judge women according to whether they can picture having sex with them; women judge men by whether they can imagine kissing them. White teeth, fresh breath, great shoes, cell phone turned off and unchapped lips make her more apt to lock lips with you that night.

8. Do not ask her, "So, what kind of music do you like?" The last 10 guys asked that. Be original and instead fill that iPod with a great mix of music that expresses your style.

9. Tip well: Believe me, she'll be watching.

10. Reading body language is simple: If she touches your arm, she's interested. If she touches your leg, she's interested tonight. If she leans away from you the whole night, she is not interested at all.

11. Very small gestures go a long way and show her you're a gentleman: When you drop her off at her house, be SURE to wait the extra 30 seconds while she gets inside, (and the next time you might be going in with her!).

12. Women need momentum. Without it, they lose interest or wonder if you have. If you have a date this week follow up with a phone call the next night. Even more important ask her out at the end of the date. Don’t play games or wait.

13. Lastly, NEVER look at another woman when you are on a date. If she catches your wandering eye, you are done.

Use a few (or all) of these tips and you’ll be holding all the cards: the decision about future dates or a relationship will be up to BOTH of you.

Face it: she’s in charge on that first date. And, the more you let her know it, the more she’ll make herself available to you!