Secrets of Self Employment


The best remedy for unemployment is- Self Employment! Here are some tips for getting started.

Unemployment sucks.

More people are losing jobs every day, and those that still have jobs worry about losing them. Families are suffering, homes are being foreclosed, fear is rampant.

What can we do about this?

The best remedy for unemployment just might be Self Employment!

FACT- 15.4 million are unemployed in the US, 10% of working adults. 135,000 jobs are lost each month (average) (Source- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

FACT- 8.7% of job seekers gained employment by starting their own businesses in second quarter 2009 (Source- Challenger, Gray & Christmas job market index, Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2009)

FACT- 14% of working adults are self employed, 25% of self employed individuals work from home (Source- U.S. Census)

Who wouldn't want to be their own boss, master of their fate, achieve financial freedom and security by working for themselves?

Truthfully? Not everyone. Many fear self employment and would rather get a paycheck than work for themselves; however, NOW they are motivated to explore their options.

Here's a secret- whether you have a job or not, you already ARE self employed!

In today's economy there is no such thing as job security. You must beat the competition and sell yourself to employers to get a job, and continue to perform to keep it. YOU are your product, and you're on the street as soon as your employer doesn't need you.

Getting a job can be much harder than starting a business

All the time and effort spent searching and applying for jobs, stressing about how to get by on unemployment benefits, filling out paperwork, standing in line at EDD, worrying about losing your current job, accepting a job you don't like for lower pay to survive, would be better spent working for yourself.

When you're self employed you don't worry about getting fired or laid off, you have no competition, and are free to unleash your creativity to do what you want with who you want.

Benefits of Self Employment

1. Job security
2. Financial freedom
3. No boss
4. Do what you want, when and how you want
5. Tax deductions
6. Employ family
7. Greater upside
8. Greater control over variables and outcomes
9. Build equity
10. Never "stuck," always have options
11. Do what you love, follow passion
12. Make a difference
13. Create balanced life
14. Benefit from your own sweat and creativity

Options for Self Employment Almost Anyone Can Do For Little or No Start-Up Costs

1. Concierge/Assistant (shopping, coordinate home and car repair, paying bills, research/supervise vendors, driving, laundry, cooking, etc)
2. Pets (care, grooming, sitting, exercising)
3. Children (care, sitting, tutoring, sports, classes, recreation)
4. Elderly (care, companionship, case management/advocacy, transportation, welfare checks, assistant- chores, shopping, etc)
5. Homes (repair, improvement, maintenance, cleaning, management, organizing, sitting, decorating)
6. Events- (weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, spa parties, holiday catering, coordinating)
7. Are you a natural helper? Become a Coach!

Questions to Help You Explore Your Self Employment Options

1. What problem doesn't have a good solution that you can do something about?

2. What do you already do that you could be paid for?

3. What special skills do you have that you can create a business around?

4. What need can you identify that you can creatively fill?

How to Get Started

Congratulations for reading this far. Most people don't even get started because they're afraid and talk themselves out of it ("That will never work," etc). The best way to get started is simply to get started!

Step One: Make a list of your skills, things you can do that people might pay for. Be creative!

Step Two: Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances if they know anyone that might need your services at a deep discount in exchange for a reference, testimonial, or referral

Step Three: Once you've performed your service a few times (at a deep discount in exchange for a reference, testimonial, or referral) decide if you want to continue and build that business

Step Four: If you're ready to build a business around this service, access the complimentary Secrets of Self Employment audio program and Resource Guide (no charge) for your next steps and resources needed.

Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." If you believe that you CAN be your own boss and build your own business, you WILL be able to do so! Financial freedom and the lifestyle you want is waiting for you, now go for it!