What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 3

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What sort of man do you seek or what sort of man do you want to become? This may become home for you

What Women Don’t Know About Men: Part Three

In this segment I’ll be discussing a certain “type” of Men.

• The sort of men who are engaged in self-reflection.
• The sort of men who take seminars and workshops to better themselves and their relationships.
• The sort of men who understand the importance of listening.
• And men who are engaged in “Men’s Circles” where they get support from other men, and are often kicked in the ass for not acting like a man should, like our grandfathers did.

“What? Men’s Circles? What the hell are you talking about Spike? Is this some weird thing you’re into? Do you dance naked around fires and get together in hotels and throw water balloons out windows on old ladies?”

Hmmmm, as much fun as that sounds, the answer would be a resounding “no!” What men do in men’s circles would be similar to the following:

What we do:

We cause greatness by mentoring men to live their lives with excellence as mature masculine leaders, who create great families, careers, and communities. We are unconditionally committed to men winning.

Our core values are integrity, commitment, trust, and service to mankind.

We are driven by our commitment to serve a greater good. We are empowered by the trust we place in one another. We are men who hold personal integrity paramount.
And we serve because we care.

So ladies, what would your life be like if your man, the guy you love, or the guy you are trying to attract had those attributes, and that support in their lives?

What would life be like for you if your man did what he said he’d do, when he said he’d do it, almost every time? (no-one’s perfect!).

What would your life be like if your man refused to “engage you in battle” and always listened to you without judgment and without needing to “fix you” or be right all the time?

Would it be worth doing a little research?

Yeah, I thought it might.

So to be brief, what you don’t know about men is that many of us live a life of quiet desperation, always feeling that we must do everything alone, do it right the first time, and if we screw up find a convenient lie to cover up our embarrassment.
What you don’t know is that often the slightest barb from a woman can destroy a man’s self-confidence for a very long time; that the merest look of “you’re such an ass” can cause a man to feel tremendous shame that he isn’t the man you hoped that he’d be.
I wrote an article about expectations a while back. It is a very good companion to this one. Everyone should read it. It's pretty short! Really! Go! Do it! Well after you complete this one that is.

So to sum this up, most men want brothers, cohorts, and other men in their lives who they can both mentor, and be mentored by. Real men don’t want homeys, boyz, guys, or children as their male friends, they want MEN and they want to be held accountable for their actions without being made to feel like a loser.

If you, as a woman or as a man would like some information about an organization that mentors men to be all they can be, go here.

There are many more like the one in the link above. It just happens to be the one where I found my balls!

Uh huh...