What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 2


More "juiciness" to add to the controversy of Part One of this blog.

What Women Don’t Know About Men: Part Two:

We have a Mama Complex:

You might be surprised at how many men have a “Mama Complex” and are really just looking for a replacement for their mother. Now I’m not just talking about having a woman to cook, launder, and clean up after them; I’m talking about all the early nurturing and love that we, as men truly miss from our formative years.

Speaking personally here, I do not need or require a woman to cook, shop, or clean-up after me. Mom trained me quite well in those areas from a tender, young age. Literally I’ve had marriage proposals for my Lasagna, and I swear that my Chicken Soup could cure cancer. If not, you’d forget you’re sick, at least while you were consuming it!

(Hint: It’s all in the broth!)

No what I seek, and this be the gospel for many, many men, is a gentle touch, a kind heart, a knowing look that despite my crappy day I have arrived home to a safe haven, a castle, a womb where nothing can enter that will cause me, cause us any discomfort or pain; a place where we can just settle in and forget everything that happened before we entered.

We have a Little Boy Complex:

Several un-named sources have taught me that “a man should never engage in sports with his woman.”

I could not possibly disagree with this more. One of the best girlfriends I’ve ever had the joy of being with was an ex-NCAA athlete (starting catcher for her softball team at an Ivy League University) who matched me at every level and was amazingly competitive with me whether it was basketball, whiffle-ball, tennis, football (man, could she throw a spiral!), running trails, or hiking.

And allow me to share with you that because of the competition, it got our “juices flowing” long before we hit the bedroom. Many were the days, arriving home that we never made it to the bedroom because the clothing was ripped off well before.
When a man and a woman can be playful together, whether in sports, kibitzing (it’s Yiddish, get over it), debating, tickle-fighting (very dangerous, make sure to have protection), or any number of activities, they tend to become much more than simply lovers; they tend to truly become friends.

And when the little boy inside of a man locates the little girl living inside his woman, and she is willing to engage in “play,” that’s where the real “juice is” that great relationships are built on.

We need you more than we will ever admit:

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