DeMistyfy Your Dating: Radio Interview:

Love, Self

And yes, we spelled it that way for a reason! Listen to this humorous interview of Spike and learn!

So I met Coach Andrew Poretz about 4 1/2 years ago at a Quentin's Friends party in New York City. If you live in the tri-state area and you're not a member of QFNY, you need to be!

There was immediate affinity, followed by hysterical laughter of everyone around us. Do you know what happens when 2 men have all around them laughing? They attract lots more people who also want to laugh.

Big hint there guys.

Really, think about it. You're out on the town and you're in some bar, club, or even bookstore and a group of people are having a fabulous time, laughing, joking, and happy as-all-gettup. Don't you want to be there with them, laughing and joking right by their sides?

Of course you do! Don't B.S. me I can smell it a mile away! (Takes one to know one!)

This is huge for all the shy guys and girls out there. This is also huge for all the beautiful women who are tired of being hit-on by jerks, drunks, and A-holes, and never the "nice guy" that they say they're looking for.

The nice guy may be with a group of other nice guys (and maybe nice girls as well) having an amazing time.

Soooo, beautiful people of the world, go say hello to all the happy, uninhibited people laughing heartily without you, and shy people, laugh, joke, have fun, and don't worry about that cute chick (or guy) you'd love to talk to but can't.

Coax them over with laughter.

I guarantee it will work more often than not.

Well anyway, last Monday night, Coach Andrew interviewed me on his radio talk show, just mano a mano, and you can listen to it HERE!!!


Hope ya like it! Don't be drinking any soda, and don't say I didn't warn ya!!!