9 Things You Need To Know About Condoms

9 Things You Need To Know About Condoms [EXPERT]
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Safe sex isn't so safe if you don't know the basic rules of condom usage. Here's the lowdown!

7. A quick word about spermicides. Use of this stealthy sperm assassin can enhance the contraceptive effectiveness of the condom. It may be discreetly purchased online or at your local drug store. Some condoms are even "pre-lubed" with a spermicidal agent. Whatever your choice, if you are serious about putting off parenthood, a spermicide is an effective complement to other contraceptive measures.

8. So, he properly put on his non-expired condom prior to contact with your private parts. He glazed his completely sheathed erection with the recommended lubricant and then insinuated himself inside your hospitable environment. Then you two went at it like rabbits. Now, if you don't want to have bunnies in your future, there is still one more thing he needs to do. Very soon after he has had his orgasm, he must grip the condom at the base, near his testicles, and carefully extricate himself from the warmth of your loins. In plain English, he should come and go.

As soon as your guy ejaculates, he begins to lose his erection. This gradual "shrinkage" causes the condom to fit less snuggly and allows for the contained seminal fluid to begin slithering down his shaft and out of the bottom of the condom. If your man is still imbedded in you, all his escaping swimmers may breaststroke their way into your lower passage and search for an egg to cozy up to. You don't want that to happen, right? So, gently but firmly, insist he "vacate your premises" very soon after he's done his thing. 10 Super Honest Reasons Men Looove (And Appreciate) Your Boobs

9. Once he's safely withdrawn, he should dispose of his condom in the trash. Suggest to him that he not flush it down the toilet, as it may clog your pipes. He then should wash all remaining remnants of his "love-juice" off his member before rejoining you in bed to revel in the afterglow. Keep his penis at an arms length of your vagina. A few stray drops of his discharge could be lurking at his penile tip, ready to make their assault on your now unprotected womanhood.

So there it is. Everything you and your guy need to know about how to properly protect both of you from unwanted pregnancy and the spread of nasty illnesses. Although you may think he already knows all this, if he uses a condom and doesn't strictly adhere to all of the above mentioned procedures, he really is putting both of you at risk. But, if you don't feel comfortable broaching the subject with him, feel free to literally take matters into your own hands. You can then turn applying, "lubing" and removing his condom into a sexy, positive experience. He will likely appreciate your efforts without ever realizing that your motivation was his lack of knowledge. You protected his ego and your health. What could be better than that?

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