10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating

10 Clues To Tell If He Is Cheating [EXPERT]
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Are you suspicious that your husband is cheating on you? Here's a checklist of telltale signs.

7. He has never been particularly verbal in his affirmation of his feelings for you. But, these days the phrase, "You know I love you," seems to escape his lips more often than, "I'll have another Heineken."

8. You have crossed your fingers and held your breath for years, hoping he would remember your birthday or anniversary with even a card. But, for the last several months he has given you "just because" gifts with increasing frequency.

9. The man who usually gives three word responses to your questions about his day, now regularly gives you detailed information about his daily itinerary. When men give too much information, something is definitely askew.

10. The number of "work-related" calls he has to take has increased dramatically.

It is important to note that any of these changes in his behavior or activities could be completely innocent. Engaging in even two or three of them might also mean he is hiding a very different secret from you, such as planning a surprise party, learning to ballroom dance or carrying out contract hits for the mob. However, if more than half of the above list sounds familiar, chances are good that your husband is dipping his wick elsewhere. 

Though this revelation may understandably upset you, do not blame the messenger. I am merely trying to enlighten you. Remember, you can always choose to live in denial. I mean, your birthday is coming up. Your guy has always been light on his feet and killing for money beats being unemployed, right? The Real Reason Guys Rebound So Quickly After Divorce

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