Battle Of The Exes: Do You Keep The Ring Or Give It Back?

Divorce: Do You Keep The Ring Or Give It Back?
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NFL star Mario Williams and his former fiancée are battling over a $785k sparkler.

It's Not About The Ring It's About You!

Perhaps you've noticed in life that sometimes huge disagreements that spin out of control are less about "right" and "wrong" and more about winning at all costs and saving face. In fact, to prove it, just about every day, somewhere in the world, an engagement is called off and a ring is returned without even being asked. Likewise, every day a ring is offered back and it's declined by the giver. It never goes in front of a judge.

So what's the difference between those situations and our "case in point?" It's simple. The difference is the character and consciousness of both parties. As I said earlier, these are critical attributes in your choice for a potential mate. The only other difference is simply the meaning that they've attached to the situation and I've offered you multiple possibilities there as well. Of course there's always a number of solutions in any disagreement. What if both people decided together to sell the ring and use the money jointly to support a favorite charity in their own names? That would be yet another way to insure that something good and positive came out of a situation that currently isn't so good. Remember, in any moment, we always have a choice between calling out our best and showing up at our worst. The only question is, What do you want to choose? If your honor isn't worth more than any piece of jewelry, you have even more trouble ahead.