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Why does it seem so hard to find true love?

Finding your true love can be like finding the perfect dress. Sometimes you have to go to a few stores and try on a lot of dresses. It is important to be open minded, try new things, and never stop until you find the style and fit that is perfect for you.

Have you been hurt before and never want to go through that again?

You can be open to love AND protect your heart! Just love and value yourself first. If something does not feel good to you, it probably isn’t good for you. A man will either show up for you or he won’t but YOU must ALWAYS show up for yourself!

Having bad luck dating- it could be your dating skills!

The first date is not a job interview!! Is he marriage material should not even enter your mind. The only thing you want to think about on a first date: “could I kiss him without throwing up” and "did I have enough fun to go out on a second date?"

About Pamela Vandervoort

Are you tired of being single and wonder why it seems so hard to find the relationship you have been looking for?

I know how hard it can be to find love in this ever changing and challenging new world of dating and relationships. Do you try on-line dating, matchmaking, meet-ups, speed dating? In this high-tech world you are inundated with so many choices, it can be very hard to find a clear pathway to love.

That’s why I created Dating for True Love to help you learn how to date to find your true love. My coaching style combines dating advice, insight into your biggest love blocks and proven techniques for the best ways to meet your true love. I also share inspirational stories to help you move from single and discouraged to in-love and amazed by your experience of relationship. In my blog, I answer your tough questions about love and relationship. Click on the links below to discover:

Why is it seems so hard to find a good man? 

What are the best dating strategies to find your perfect match? 

How do you get started dating and not waste your time with men you don’t like?

If you feel like you have tried everything and you are still single and wondering why- take this "Are You Relationship Ready" Free Quiz and in just 3 minutes discover exactly what is holding you back from love.