Responsibility is Sucking the Fun Out Of Us - Let’s Stop Acting Like

Photo: WeHeartIt

My buddy and I were at my house, watching a football game the other night when, somehow, we started making funny faces at each other. We were laughing so hard and we weren’t even drinking. The next night, I found a tennis ball under my couch and I started whipping it at the wall and making saves like a goal tender. I remember doing this in our hallway as a kid for hours a day.

Later that week on a Saturday night, I cranked the music way too loud and started dancing around in my socks and underwear before going out. I slid into the kitchen with a banana as my microphone like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

This summer, I was walking near a playground, watching a few five-year-olds who were playing with Tonka trucks in the sand. I secretly wished everyone would disappear for 10 minutes so I could play with them without anyone noticing.

I’m 53 years old! I’m pushing 54. I thought to myself, what gives? Am I that immature?

Then I started thinking, “Who cares?” I still like acting like the little punk I was growing up! That is a good thing! Yes, my knees hurt, I get winded instantly and I keep these secrets to myself (until now) but I’m happy and I’m a fairly sound, functioning human, so why not do more of this stuff?

So I did. I got out my baseball glove, bought some new, bouncier tennis balls and started playing goalie once a day.

As I was playing goalie, it occurred to me maybe we should all find our inner child now and then. Isn’t this when we are really ourselves? When we are laughing, goofing around and acting like the happy kids we once were growing up?

The advantages of goofing around now and then are substantial:

  • We relieve stress by laughing and acting silly
  • We learn to not take ourselves so seriously
  • We live in the moment
  • We bond with our inner child
  • We learn about ourselves and how we once were
  • We connect with our old happy memories

What would happen if you were to take this one step further and act immature as a couple? Run around in the rain without shoes on or race around Walmart using their motorized scooters. I just think this is good for the soul and for the lasting memories they create!

Let’s face it, responsibility is sucking the life out of us and it’s time to take a stand! I’m tired of being a grown-up every day - all day, meeting deadlines, being on time, brushing my teeth, eating right, driving the legal speed, washing the whites with the whites and separating the recycling!

Tonight, break out the Barbie Dolls, the Easy Bake Ovens and raise a glass and toast to being immature again every now and then!

I feel better already! Oh wait – ouch! I just tweaked my knee again!