The Alpha Male Gets The Best, The Losers Get The Rest


Is there such a thing as the Alpha Male?

Average men believe there’s no such thing as an Alpha Male. While it's possible to find dominant males in the animal kingdom, most don’t believe this creature exists in the human world.

Most men prefer to believe they're on equal footing with their counterparts.

Let’s look at a man who may consider himself to be a 5

He’s an average guy — average in looks, average earner, average intelligence – just plain average.

He believes himself to be on an even keel with his average cohorts. He does not believe himself to be equal to the men he perceives to be 6’s, 7’s or 8’s – the buff, tall-dark-and-handsome, (assumed to be ) living large and driving a nice car type of guy.

This average man uses his ‘averageness’ as an excuse when seeking out a high value woman. “I can’t get a 10 because I’m only a 5” rattles around in his brain.

He sits at the bar with his average buddies (after all, what average guy wants to stand next to an 8?), drinking beer and loathing the 8 who is hooking up with beautiful woman after beautiful woman. He assumes that it’s the 8’s looks that are paving the way for him.

This same average man will look at a guy he considers to be a 3 or 4, but somehow managed to land a 10, and determine (without any evidence) that this guy must be loaded or famous.

If you're sipping your beer and straining your neck to watch your favorite team while lamenting your ‘averageness’, I don’t need to ask why you’re single. You just told me.

Give women more credit

Yes, women are attracted to the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, but not for the reasons you’re thinking. This Alpha Male (there I said it) has much more going on than his looks, and high value women can see it from across the bar!

For women, it’s all about the confidence, and they can sniff out a confident man over a man lacking confidence in a heartbeat. That confident man you see wooing all of the beautiful woman has done a few things, perhaps not even realizing it, to indicate his confidence. The good news for you – by doing these same things, you can become an alpha male as well – no more average guy – and it won’t hurt a bit!

What Makes an Alpha an Alpha?

The alpha male is comfortable in who he is. He works on his appearance, going for a nice shirt over the old, ratty t-shirt.

He takes a few extra moments to make sure his hair is styled (the bowl cut and the mullet went out years ago man!).

The alpha works out. He’s not spending hours in the gym, but he runs or lifts a few days a week. He also makes eye contact with a woman, maybe even giving her a quick smile.

He loves himself but isn’t an egomaniac. He knows he isn’t perfect, but he embraces his imperfections and is always working to improve himself in one way or another.

He participates in activities like kayaking, car shows, fitness expos or even cooking lessons. Not only does he get better at these things, but he gets to meet up with women who have similar interests.

The Alpha isn’t afraid of women. He is an 8 because he acts like an 8. He shows his confidence through his body language.

He walks tall, squares his shoulders and isn’t afraid to say “Hello” to a passing beauty, maybe with a wink! Women can sniff out your lack of confidence by observing these things.

If a beautiful woman looks at you and you immediately look down at the floor, she’s moving on. If, instead, you look back at her and shoot her a smile, she’s intrigued!

Start Thinking of Yourself as at LEAST an 8!

You may need to enlist the help of another average guy for this, but it’s time to go out and start thinking and acting like at least an 8. First, you both need to go get a good hair cut — not the SuperCuts type either, a real haircut. Try to find a female stylist, she knows what women like, and it will give you a chance to practice talking to a strange woman.

Agree to dress up a little. I’m not talking suit and tie here, just a nice pair of jeans (no holes) and a nice shirt that you take the time to iron.

Put on a nice pair of shoes (ditch the ratty Nikes) and shave or trim your beard. Just doing these things, by the way, will help you begin to feel more like an 8!

Now, you and your average buddy have transformed yourselves into 7’s or 8’s at least, and you’re ready to take yourselves out somewhere. Make a game of it — first one to smile at a beautiful woman gets a free beer from the other. First one to say “Hi” to a woman gets free wings. You sure don’t want to be on the losing end of this or it’s gonna get expensive!

Next time you go out, go by yourself, armed with your new confidence, and see how many women flock to you! Be ready with a kind compliment and a great sense of humor!

Pay special attention to the body language of the Alpha. There is much in what he is doing that you can learn from. Mimic what he’s doing and you’ll be the Alpha Male attracting those beautiful women in no time.

This article was originally published at Single Middle Aged Guys. Reprinted with permission from the author.