Staying Strong In A Rapidly Changing World

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4 Tips To Get Closer To Your Partner Today

Having a successful relationship seems less achievable today than ever before. With a society of 30-second advertisements, rapidly changing technology, and a limit of 140-characters to get your point across, how can anyone expect to remain with one person, monogamously until ‘death do us part?’ Though the task may seem daunting, it is absolutely achievable.

Here are four tips for you and your partner to remain focused on the goal of strengthening your relationship over time.

  • Listen: Rather than planning out your next sentence, take the time to really here what your partner is trying to tell you. Your partner will feel heard, and you will be better able to address their concerns.
  • Support: Do not burden your significant other with the responsibility of being your sole source of fulfillment. Maintain friendships to relieve stress that would otherwise be turned inward.
  • Stay Involved: Though outside resources are imperative, so is remaining close with your partner. Keep them a priority, and spend quality time doing things you both enjoy.
  • Be Intimate: Remember that intimacy, both physical and emotional, is a driving force in a relationship. Do not forget how important touch and openness are to maintaining a lasting bond.

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