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“You’re not going to be a Single Girl forever. But you’re a Single Girl now, so why not have some fun?”

About Daniella Rosales-Friedman

Daniella Rosales-Friedman is a Dating Expert, Yoga Instructor, and creator of Yoga For The Single Girl workshops in New York City. Daniella celebrates singlehood--from giddy first date to awkward text-message breakup, and everything in between. She gives her clients, students and friends the same advice: You’re not going to be Single Girl forever, but you're a Single Girl now. So why not have some fun?!

Daniella is not a Single Girl. But she was for 8 years. And during that time, she dated many men. And with every man she dated, she changed, just a little. With the artist, she became a muse. With the musician, she became a roadie. And with the architect, she became a math nerd. Only through practicing yoga was she able to find herself--not in relation to a man. 

Using a combination of yoga techniques, counseling, and classic heart-to-hearts Daniella teaches her clients to finally breath a sigh of relief. Instead of grasping for something out of reach, she delivers a fool-proof guide how to act, appear, and feel attractive deep down in your bones. Her clients radiate confidence, date successfully, and find the man that's right for them! 



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