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Imagine you meet or know someone, so beautiful, and attractive, and you look down and see them sucking your blood, your life force out of your neck. You feel appalled but can’t seem to break away.  You succumb to their parasitic intentions, until...   

Any four of the signs that you are being attacked by an energy vampire bring awareness:

You feel depleted, you feel disrespected/disempowered, you feel you have lost your voice and you feel you have lost your power to disengage.  The mechanism of an energy vampire is you feel disempowered and drained.  Tapping into your feelings is step one.  Step two is identifying the mechanism with precision, that of an energy parasite.  Some people believe parasites will keep the host alive, you.  Certainly, this can seem true, not always.  And deserves questioning and can help you make a diagnosis.

Let us step away from the four signs you are being attacked and dig into treatment.  The first two steps are of diagnosis.  Some energy vampires are universal, they will suck on anybody, most are personal, affinity to you, or people like you.  In the world of dark energies, an entity will be attracted to you, because you possess something they need, they lack. You have authentic power and lifeforce.  The third step has its own language.  It’s the language of no, your most powerful word.  This may look like a walk away with little dialogue, with or without social graces.  BIG fiercely protected boundaries may be necessary depending on circumstances.  Now we have the four ways to identify an energy vampire and the four effective steps for treatment.  In Christiane Northrup’s book Dodging Energy Vampires Dr Northrup focuses dodging a vampire.  

Generally speaking, an energy vampire will feed off anything that looks and tastes like food to them.  This is not your business, unless you are their prey.  Rationalizing their behavior is a trap, there is no way out.  At the end of the day, walk, set boundaries. It can feel difficult as they are seductive and you get depleted.  Walk.  I do not advise fighting them out.  Not your bucket.  Walk.  Vampires will burn in light.  Step into the light. Walk. To slay an energy vampire is disengement.

Once you are safely in the light and replete you can work on why you were food, why you had trouble setting boundaries, and what in you attracted an energy vampire.  This work is best done in the absence of an energy vampire.  To slay the energy vampire requires inner work once you are safe.  You can cut the cords and the tubes, do the other work.  Find out the lesson and reap the gift of the lesson.  This last step of reaping the gift is the crucial step many miss.  Away from the parasitic mechanism. You may be required to re-engage in a workplace or family.  This may seem impossible at times.  Bigger boundaries can help.

Some vampires use tubes or cords to drain your energy, cutting these siphons of your energy can be very effective.  Cutting a cord or tube misses important other steps. Shamanic medicine practitioners cut chords.  With any significant entanglement, cutting chords may be temporarily helpful, but deeper shamanic treatment is more helpful. The work needed feels personal to you, Often the other work is in your family blood line and/or collective.  Boundary setting and enforcement therapists resources are abundant.  Shamanic work not so.  There are resources fi you are hypersensitive or an empath. An unaware empath is easy pickings for these mechanisms.  

If you find yourself lost in a relationship, disempowered, unable to flee, trapped by circumstances, please seek assistance, parasites will have to reasons to leave.  Do not try to slay an energy vampire.  Slaying energy is a food for them.  In life you are invited into making allies and having no enemies.  Turn an enemy into an ally, or at least into a neutral force.   If there is anything to slay, slay the chord and slay your inner contracts which benefit from an energy vampire.

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