Communication Problems

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10 years +


Portland OR 97211 - United States



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Business Coach, Dating Coach, Sex Educator, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Everything you've ever wanted starts with creating amazing relationships!

About Dana Corey

I have spent over three decades empowering people to develop extraordinary relationships—both personally and professionally.  Having successfully built three of my own businesses, coached over 250 people to achieve their business success, and helped hundreds more develop successful relationships both in and out of the work environment, my personal philosophy is that getting everything you want begins with creating amazing relationships!

Great relationships don’t take hard work, but they do take focus and time. You know what’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to fix something on your own? Fixing it with a relationship expert. That’s why I put together the Modern Relationship Expert Relationship Transformation Program – I coach women in my Relationship Transformation Program – a system that teaches how to embody your most confident self. Armed with tools and strategies to transform themselves into the best version of themselves, my clients experience connection, intimacy and partnership at levels they never thought possible.

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