How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Co-Parenting: How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Just because you're separated as a couple, doesn't mean you have to separate your family.

If you have ever renovated your home, you know that bringing in a contractor and workers can cause much angst and apprehension. You need to trust the contractor and he has to be reliable, skilled and trustworthy. You also know the restructuring can be messy, with demolition and rubble to sweep up. In family restructuring there is demolition and rubble of old marital promises, hopes and expectations and these must be swept up and placed in the dumpster in order to bring in new materials, realistic hopes, clarity and understanding.

Renovation is a risk because its process is unpredictable no matter how carefully planned. Yet, the project must be done. When the home or family is in disrepair we must face our discomforts for comfort and longer lasting appliances. It may take time to learn how to use them or get accustomed to new surroundings but in the end it will bring happiness, appreciation and well-being. For the future, having your children witness their parents' development and newly designed communication will also give them tools serving them throughout their lives.

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