How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Co-Parenting: How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Just because you're separated as a couple, doesn't mean you have to separate your family.

In our practice, we emphasize compassion and empathy while offering practical tools to restructure the members of the family into a custom designed functional union. Divorce does not have to look like a division of property and assets, visitation on the weekends with the children, alternate holidays and awkward run-ins on the soccer field.

Despite irreconcilable differences, a divorce can also be an opportunity for personal growth and awareness. This represents the belief that, even though the old version of the family ends, a new version of the family starts. It's a fact the two of you at one time communicated, and believed the relationship had staying power and longevity and there was something to gain by being together. These beliefs may no longer be the case due to a myriad of reasons, but for the sake of the children and your own piece of mind, a new belief system must be formed in order to reorganize what could be a long lasting healthy existence for all.

It is the formation of a belief system that builds the foundation for new renovation. For instance, imagine a house that exists already, but needs to be updated with new appliances, electricity, remodeling. It can be costly and challenging, but in the end, it's worth it. We remodel our home because of the increase in value of the property while creatively enhancing its aesthetics.

This is the same thinking we use to remodel the members of the family. Imagine that an extension has been put on the house. It is this new addition that takes time getting use to, but in the end, you can't remember what it felt like when it wasn't there. This is the feeling of the new restructured relationship among divorced parents living apart but together, and feeling content, relaxed and accepted in the heart we call the place where we live. Keep reading...

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