How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Co-Parenting: How To Become A Whole Family Again After Divorce

Just because you're separated as a couple, doesn't mean you have to separate your family.

In our practice, we have supported couple after couple who struggle to acknowledge the harsh reality that their relationship is over. Both or maybe just one spouse will come to the conclusion that happiness lies beyond their couplehood and it is in the best interest of all involved to sever the relationship. It can be the bravest and healthiest thing a person can do. Therefore, the process of dissolve and restructuring the relationship begins.

When people get divorced, there are always strong emotional feelings from the ending of the marriage. But it's extremely important for exes to get past those feelings, forgive each other and move on. But if the marriage involves children, the breakup becomes more complicated. There is hurt, confusion, sadness and sometimes depression and anxiety. Although these feelings are normal, while challenged with loss and separation, there is a solution to what may be one of the most profound experiences of a family's life. This experience impacts the legacy of a family for generations to come. And the scary thing is that children are extremely good at keeping their feelings about divorce hidden. Keep reading...

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