How Important Is Sex And Intimacy In Your Relationship?

Did you know that sex is one of the major conflicts in a relationship? How is your's affected?

Sex is one of the major conflicts in a relationship after money. This being a priority for many and if this particular need is not met or talked about can easily turn a great relationship into a tragic one.
Why then does sex even become a sore or neglected element?
Relationships begin with chemstry, instinctually, a man and woman are drawn together by scent and attraction thereby stimulating sexual urges.
Everyone who has been in a normal healthy relationship would agree that the beginning of their relationship had plenty of sexual excitement in it. Many healthy relationships continue to maintain this, although as times goes on, both partners would attest that this sexual activity fades or has faded. NOT  good. Let's face it, sex in a relationship benefits the intimacy level, the communication, the quality of each of your individual needs and your needs together. Eliminating or underestimating this in your relationship can be a mistake.
When hurt, power, disappointment and such simmers beneath the surface and interferes with the sexual relationship your relationship can be at risk. When either of you recognize this, it is time to talk about it. If it cannot be talked about then you are at a great risk. Sex and intimacy is about trust, vulnerability, affection and honesty. If your relationship is not secure enough to tolerate these emotions then you will either find a professional to talk to, move out of the relationship or accept that your relationship is one of superficiality, lacking the very essentials that define a Real union between two people.

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