Is Your Search For A Soulmate Making You Miserable?


Sometimes you find your soulmate when you are not looking for him at all.

Soulmate (n): A person who strongly resembles another in attitude or beliefs.

Those who subscribe to a belief in reincarnation see the soulmate connection as something that transcends space and time, believing that coupled soulmates travel through lifetime after lifetime being connected to one another.  Could it be possible, however, you have multiple soulmates?

Take control of your destiny — Regardless of what you believe about soulmates, it's important to remember that no matter how compatible you are with your partner, you have to be willing to compromise. Great relationships grow and evolve and those who strive for satisfaction rather than perfection will be able to weather the soulmate storm. However, if you are awaiting a perfect soulmate, you could be blinding yourself to the great love that already surrounds you.

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