The Surprising Reasons Why Miss USA Is Single


Miss USA 2012 is is that possible you may ask?

Nana Meriwether is a knockout by all accounts. Although, she just relinquished her Miss USA title a few weeks ago, she still "got that something." So it’s understandable why many people are in an uproar, not only because Miss USA is single, but because she’s also on the online dating app, Tinder. When Miss USA needs help finding dates, you know that there must be something amiss in the dating scene; however, the problem is much deeper than it seems.

The first issue is that some people are still hanging on to an antiquated view of online dating, seeing it as a wasteland of sad, lonely people, who cannot connect with a date in person. However, Nana Meriwether framed the reality of the situation more effectively in a recent New York Magazine article. "I think when you're single, you should try all avenues. And now there are so many new apps for dating—this one is just really fun."

Particularly for Millennials—which is the generation of the 28-year-old South African born beauty—the stigma around online dating has disappeared. Rather than seeing technology as a deep, dark void where predators lurk, it’s their lifeline for communication. It’s also telling that she chose to use a smartphone app rather than a traditional dating site. Bringing your profile and matches with you on the go speaks to the evolution of online dating into our social lives. Tinder in particular, which allows you to approve or pass on dates based on their photo and basic details alone, is the perfect way for a beauty queen to meet new people in a big city like New York.

However, to understand the real reason Miss USA is single, you have to know more about her. First, she is tall, 6 feet tall to be exact. This means if she wears an average sized heel to a date she’ll be about 6'3. Second, she’s athletic. In fact, during her time at UCLA, she was twice named All-American in volleyball. Which brings me to my third point: she’s smart. Not only did she graduate with honors from UCLA, but she also went on to complete pre-med studies at USC. She comes from good genes. Her father was the first African-American to graduate from Duke University’s medical school. Which raises my final point, she’s also black. Keep Reading...

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