7 Shocking Must-Haves For Every Sexy Single Girl

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Are you a sexy single girl who want to have a sassy summer?

It’s summer – the days of making fireworks, one-night-stands, and dressing in less. Are you prepared for your summer of love? Most sexy single girls think that their beach bag is complete with bottle of sunscreen, a pair of flip flops, and a tube of lipstick but times have changed.  Here are 7 ways to be ready for whatever summer throws at you.

1. A Magic Bullet – The modern woman knows how to please herself whether with a partner or solo and sometimes that requires a little battery power.  Not sure how to use a bullet? Listen to this.

2. A Big Ole Tote Bag – Take a large fashionable bag to work with you and fill it with the 3-4 items you need to transform from day to night: sparkly earrings, hot high heels, a bustier to swap with your blouse. You will look like you're ready for a fun time and feel different than you do in your board room best.

3. A Wing Girl with a Different Type – Having another single girl to go hit the town with is a must but if you're going after the same men you could end up in a catfight.  Try to find a married gal who needs some excitement or a lady with a completely different type so you can stay in your own lanes.

4. A To Go Toothbrush – You can’t expect for him to have a toothbrush for you on a one night stand or let your bristles move in after only a few dates but you need to have fresh morning breath for round two.

5.  CondomsI can’t tell you how many times I heard a client say, “I would have used a condom but he didn’t have one.” You are in control of your STD destiny. Make sure you have a couple (unexpired) ones on hand just in case he does not.

6. Water-Based Lube –  Alcohol can other factors can effect your sexual experience and oiling up just makes it easier for everyone. Water-based lube is a favorite with many women because it is more like ladies' natural moisture and it won't break down the latex in condoms as oil based lubricants will. However, if you’re going for an all-night session you might have to reapply.

7. Super Large Sunglasses – Yes, you need them to keep the sun out of your eyes but more importantly, you need them to keep the eyes off you during that walk of shame home.

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