10 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

picnic couple

... because romance doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

2. Art and culture. Many museums have "free days" where you can enter at no cost. Usually it's a little busier than other days, but that just means your date will have to snuggle up close to you to see the exhibit. Alternatively, many cities offer art walks where galleries open up their collections for free to 'prospective buyers.'

3. Happy hours. Many bars have adjusted happy hours to go later in the evening or run on the weekends. Research your options in advance so you can have a great time and an even better buzz at half the cost.

4. Membership. It's nice to belong somewhere, but it's even nicer to get a discount. If you support many non-profits including museums, zoos or public radio stations even at their lowest level, you can get free or reduced access to a variety of venues. The best part is you're doing something to help a great cause while getting something in return. Plus, your donation will be tax deductible.

5. Groupon and Living Social. No more coupon clipping on Sunday afternoons. Get your deals delivered to you daily via email. Find reduced rates on the activities you already enjoy or get new date night ideas when their offers arrive in your inbox. Even if you do not use the discount voucher before it expires, the value you paid can be applied to a future purchase.

Most people will appreciate date night ideas that require effort over an expensive — yet unimaginative — night out. It is possible to have a romantic evening that doesn't break the bank, or your heart, in the process.

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