Lose Weight while Cheating on Your Diet During the Holidays


Learn how to cheat sensibly, enjoy a few treats, and still lose weight.

Amid the jingle bells, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa lights and other holiday delights, you may be thinking, “There goes my diet and figure!” These tips can help you stay on track with your dietary and fitness goals while also enjoying a little holiday sweet so that by New Year’s Eve, you can still fit into your sexy outfits and rock in the New Year feeling healthy and strong.

Create a Plan for Cheating

Let’s be realistic. We are human and will be tempted by the scrumptious holiday meals that our friends, family and restaurants will present to us.  So, accept that and create a plan for cheating.

If you integrate principles of slow carb eating, it will allow you to enjoy some splurges without the weight gain. Slow carb eating emphasizes the high use of beans in place of other forms of simple and complex carbohydrates.  Yes, you might want to get out the Beano or other enzyme supplements to make sure that this increase of fiber does not produce flatulence or bloating.

During the holidays, up to three times a week, let one of your meals be a splurge meal where you simply delight and feel good about partaking of whatever it is you enjoy.  The caveats are:

  • You’re not allowed to feel guilty. What’s the point of splurging if you’re not going to enjoy it? Instead feel good about it and know that you will counter any higher calories, carbs or fats with the two caveats below.
  • You commit to increasing your exercise on the splurge day with 20 minutes of interval training using fast flowing qi gong routines (which I can teach you via Skype if you are not in the Central Texas area), weights, power yoga and other forms of exercise that are brisk but integrate stretching. This will help you to not only burn calories but also build long and lean muscles and flexibility.
  • Include more fiber in the form of beans at the other two meals on your splurge day. What does adding more fiber to meals look like?  For breakfast, add a half can of low sodium black beans to your scrambled eggs, and eliminate other sources of carbohydrates such as juice or toast.  Lunch might be your splurge meal. Dinner might be a hearty bowl of nine-bean soup with lean meat, or it might be grilled chicken or fish with a generous serving of edamame, green beans and a salad. 

Journal Your Food Choices
Research shows that when you journal food choices it allows you to modify your diet to accommodate days when you may be “off track” so that on the whole, you are able to regulate your weight naturally and in a way that does not make you feel deprived.

Celebrate the Essence of Food
Holiday food choices don’t have to be unhealthy. There are so many ways of indulging in raw and low sugar deserts and foods that taste wonderful. Check out this to-die-for raspberry tart that is sugar-free and gluten free. Make it goal this holiday to take five minutes to research alternatives to your favorite high fat, high carbohydrate holiday treats and have some fun creating healthier versions.

Get some Personalized Coaching

Don't forget to take advantage of my specials on wellness life coaching during the holiday season to help you stay on track with your fitness and health goals. Skype and in-person appointments are available.