Three Ways to Build Energy Infused Relationships with Qi Gong


Learn how qi gong can help you build relationships that infuse and nourish your life.

In this fast-paced world, we sometimes forget that the interactions that we surround ourselves with can either replenish or deplete our essential energies.

Interactions that infuse your essential energy include:

  • Expressions of love, communication, and actions that demonstrate a willingness to invest energy to show you how much you are valued, loved and respected.
  • Friendships and relationships that acknowledge your essential core energies–people who see and acknowledge who you truly are.
  • Trusting relationships where people are committed to believing the best about each other (this tends to diminish negative projection and defensiveness significantly).
  • Activities that encourage deepening self growth and spiritual development.
  • Straightforwardness and candor.
  • Activities or meditation in nature.

Interactions that deplete the essential energy include:

  • Lack of trust in the best of each other (this often leads to negative projection and defensiveness, very erosive to relationships and energy).
  • Activities that disconnect you from nature.
  • Activities that fill your mind with distracting and spinning thoughts versus calmness.
  • Relationships with people who do not acknowledge your benevolence and open heart.
  • Relationships with people who will not invest in expressing, communicating with you in courteous ways.
  • Lack of forthrightness.

How do you attract relationships that build your energy versus deplete your energy?

Here are three steps to help you use qi gong to build healthy relationships.

STEP ONE: Awareness Builds Intentionality

Qi gong creates a space of nourishing your energy and promotes greater self awareness. When you perform qi gong, you get a sense of what your internal issues are, so that you are able to move through relationships with mindfulness and in a way that optimizes nourishing others, and minimizes hurting others.

Qi gong also trains you to form specific intentions with how you are physically moving through space and this then encourages you to also form intentions about how you are moving through relationships. For instance, you might become aware through experiences with qi gong, of the need for energy that demonstrates constancy (trust) and smooth flow (connectivity). So an intention you might form for a relationship might be: “I am in a relationship with a supportive friend who puts forth the effort to connect with me.”

As you work with the heart center through qi gong you might also become aware of the need for passionate and vibrant energy and form an intention for romantic love such as, “I am with a partner who is passionate, vibrant and who is committed to growing the relationship even when challenges happen.”

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