40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is [EXPERT]

... featuring advice from our Experts Joy Bufalini, Jana Beeman, Kay Hutchinson & Helen MacMillan!

36. Your body is your vehicle in this life. Give it the best fuel and cover it in pretty colors. By treating your body well now, it will serve you a long, healthy time. If you don’t know how to treat it right, think natural, fresh and clean. Just remember that when you put sugar in your car's gas tank, it won't run right. Same goes for your body. —Jana Beeman

37. You will create magical energy around you. When you love and accept yourself — body, mind and spirit — you create an energy around yourself that is magical and draws others to you. Think of how good it will feel to inspire others to quit bashing on themselves and start embracing who they are and how they look. Create a legacy of strong women just by being who you are. —Jana Beeman

38. What you focus on increases. Focus on your flaws and you'll get more flaws — bigger ones! Focus on your beauty, and it intensifies and becomes more radiant. Focus on the fabulous gifts you've come into this life with, and they will multiply and fill your life with joy and satisfaction. —Jana Beeman

39. Others will love your body. How can anyone else love you until you love yourself? Even if you find it hard to love every single thing, find those things that you do at least appreciate, and work on creating love there. Then move on to more aspects or features. Be your own best friend, and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by people worth knowing. —Jana Beeman

40. You'll be a better lover. Folks with bad body images shy away from sexual adventures, afraid their hideous exteriors will turn off their partners. Au contraire! Flaunt your sexy self — flaws included — in the bedroom. Not only will your partner be turned on by your bod, he'll feel more comfortable flaunting his own. —Rachel Kleinman