40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is [EXPERT]

... featuring advice from our Experts Joy Bufalini, Jana Beeman, Kay Hutchinson & Helen MacMillan!

21. Empowerment is yours: you won't let others define you by a number on a scale or a dress size. You stand in your own power and declare to the world that you are worthy of respect because of who you are. You are no longer at the mercy of perceived judgments of others about you. Rather, you are free to be yourself in all areas. —Joy Bufalini

22. Confidence is contagious. Others will sense the confidence that you have in your own skin, and it will translate into them interacting with you confidently and treating you with more respect. Imagine the positive effects that this can have on your relationships and your career! —Joy Bufalini

23. You will feel more connected to others. Insecurity with our body tends to make us want to isolate ourselves. We feel like we don't deserve to be out at social events and have relationships like those whom we perceive to have ideal bodies. When you realize that the people who matter most will accept you just as you are right now, you can enjoy being connected to others without fear of judgment. —Joy Bufalini

24. When love goes around, it comes around. When you love your body, it's easier for you to open your heart in love to others because you are not stuck in a negative mindset towards yourself. When you love others without reservation, they will naturally love and respect you more thus reinforcing your own positive body image.  —Joy Bufalini

25. You are free to be imperfect. There's a lot of pressure in our society to maintain a certain size or weight and to have a "perfect" body. The trap of perfectionism is that you are never good enough and you always find something else to criticize. Embracing your imperfections and flaws unashamedly is freeing! —Joy Bufalini

26. You can become a yoga diva. People think you have to look like a "yoga girl" in order to do yoga, but you can do yoga at any size, and get the mind-calming and body-strengthening benefits. Start out with "beginner" or "gentle" restorative yoga and go at your own pace. Ask your teacher how to be more comfortable in difficult poses, and make it a several-times-a-week practice. You'll feel better about yourself! —Jana Beeman

27. You can find your exercise niche. Whether it's running, biking, ballroom dancing or yoga, having an exercise that draws you to do it regularly will help build confidence while building your body. If you haven't found something fun for you, step out of your box. Try bellydancing, kick boxing or martial arts. Look around ... there's something out there for you. —Jana Beeman

28. You can discover your inner strength and beauty. Take a little time each day to express yourself in some way, whether it's writing, journaling, painting, cooking, sewing, dancing, singing in the shower … whatever is fun and expressive for you is a gateway to feeling stronger and more unique. Remember our uniqueness is what sets us apart from others, and embracing that differentness makes us magnetic. —Jana Beeman