40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

40 Reasons To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is [EXPERT]

... featuring advice from our Experts Joy Bufalini, Jana Beeman, Kay Hutchinson & Helen MacMillan!

14. You'll be happier. People generally identify themselves with their bodies, so, if you don't love your body, on some level you are not loving you. This leads to feeling badly about yourself and negative self talk which makes you more unhappy. Negative self-talk can be a real energy drain. If you love and accept your body, you won't feel so critical of yourself and you'll have more energy to boot! How to start: invite your inner critic to change jobs and become your inner cheerleader. Start catching yourself when you think something negative and immediately turn it around. —Helen MacMillan

15. You'll get out more and have more fun! Your body image can affect the activities you participate in. For instance, if you hate your legs, you probably won't wear shorts and may not go to the beach, let alone wear a bikini! The funny thing is, people generally take their cues from us. If we are self conscious about something, that's like a big red flag and they are sure to notice that very thing! If, on the other hand, you're relaxed about it, no one will notice. —Helen MacMillan

16. You will take action and move forward in your life instead of being paralyzed by fear. Insecurity about your weight, your height, or your shape can keep you stuck and afraid. Instead, move forward with confidence knowing that you have much to offer the world because of the internal and external beauty that you have defined for yourself. —Joy Bufalini

17. You will accept things that you cannot change, but change things that conflict with your life goals. You may have inherited the freckle gene or the size ten shoe gene, but you can learn to accept that and find the benefits of those physical traits. You have the opportunity to take inspired action to transform the areas that you can. For instance, if being out of shape does not support your vision for yourself as an active person who does volunteer work in the community, then you will be motivated to change because of love and respect for yourself. —Joy Bufalini

18. You can lose weight more easily. What you resist persists. If you are resisting your current weight and are often thinking negatively about it, you are pushing away the possibility of creating what you want for your body. Accepting and loving yourself right now is the gateway to transforming your weight. —Joy Bufalini

19. An attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. Maybe the cellulite on your legs bother you, or your stomach seems flabby, or your hips seem too wide. However, when you transform those perceived negatives to what you can be thankful for instead, you are able to love your body more easily. Remember that your stomach digests your food wonderfully, your legs allow you to move about your life, and your hips make it possible for you to bend and walk. —Joy Bufalini

20. Your body is unique and special. While you may fantasize about having a model-thin body or wear a bikini like a movie star, recognize that there is really nothing special about looking like a carbon copy of everyone else. You have so many distinctive features such as your hair, your eyes, your fingers, your toes and your arms. A positive body image is defined by how you love and appreciate how each of the unique parts makeup the whole of you. —Joy Bufalini