3 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Dating Life

Awaken your power to create the best dating experiences of the season & leave holiday blues behind.


So you’re single and thinking about the upcoming holidays. It doesn’t have to be a time of angst or feeling alone. Use these tips to boost your dating magnetism and fill your social calendar with wonderful holiday dates.

Nourish Yourself to Create that Glow and Shine that Attracts the Opposite Sex

Have you ever noticed that when people feel really good about themselves and are care taking themselves well, they exude charisma? When you take time to nourish yourself, you naturally exude a glow that attracts the opposite sex.

So get that calendar out and schedule those facials, massages, private fitness sessions,  and manicures to kick off the holidays and get on your glow! This is why I  specifically offer all my clients great holiday deals on my energy bliss bodywork sessions, movement sessions, and energy facials (designed to uplift the skin and spirit)  to empower them to meet the season by putting their best selves forward.

Visualize Your Diamond Self Engaged in Fun Activities

Also, sexual magnetism and charm come from deep inside.  Take a few moments to breathe deeply and connect with the magic of who you are. See your shining essence as a diamond lighting up parties, giving to those in need, going out on interesting fun dates ice skating, hiking or engaging in other wintry activities. When you visualize the best of yourself in these fun and carefree settings, you create an inner glow and magnetism that naturally will attract fun and sexy dating partners with whom to share these experiences.

Keep it Light and Fun

This is not the time to hunker down and be serious about finding “the one.”  Yes, keep open to the possibilities that you may meet that special life partner at a holiday event, but relax about it and just connect with the magic of the season.  So often singles put so much pressure on themselves to meet someone during the holidays and to have that perfect date for family or other gatherings, that the journey of dating becomes a chore instead of the fun and relaxing experience it can be.

How do you keep it light and fun? Be creative.

One of my clients posted a request on her online dating profile for a holiday fun partner with whom to attend parties and just relax into the beauty of the winter season—no pressures, no obligations, just good old fashioned hanging out and enjoying each other.

She was amazed at how many vibrant and interesting men answered the call to create a socially nourishing time in her life instead of it being a lonely period filled with stress or sadness.

Another client took a bold step to arrange a holiday singles mixer at a local health food store, inviting people who wanted to participate to wear a red item to grocery shop on a certain day.  He had fun striking up conversations with new people including those who wore red and knew about the mixer and also with women in red who had not a clue about the mixer.  By putting himself out there in a creative way, he was able to have a fulfilling holiday season meeting a wide variety of women.

The point is that your journey of dating during the holidays can be joyful and doesn’t have to be so serious. It is great if you wind up meeting that one special person, but by keeping things light, you can not only take the time to get to know someone without pressure  (which increases your chances of it developing into a longer term relationship) but you can also embrace the wonder of yourself and the holiday season in a way that makes you feel alive and happy as a single person.