3 Romantic But Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

3 Romantic But Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas [EXPERT]
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Surprise your significant other with a sexy, holiday gift ... without breaking the bank!

Also, natural soy candles with essential oil scents are wonderfully romantic gift for both men and women. Men tend to prefer the more woodsy scents like sandleweood, pine or cinnamon, while women tend to prefer more floral and citrus scents such as lavendar, orange, geranium or jasmine. The scents of soy candles tend to be more subtle so that they are not so overwhelming to those who are sensitive to scents.

3. Experiential gifts can enhance romance. Shared experiences that are fun and challenge both of you to step out of comfort zones can draw you closer to create greater romance and excitement in the relationship. Salsa dance lessons can challenge the two of you to connect with the sexiness of sensual dance and music. Check out local dance schools and also a lot of local coffee shops and restaurants give free salsa lessons with purchase of coffee or a meal. It's a fun way to learn something new together.

A gift of a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast can be really fun during the holidays. Although most lodging is more expensive during the holiday season, services like Home Away and Airbnb.com have a bounty of inexpensive yet beautiful spaces for holiday getaway trips. The key is to tune out the world. Turn off the cell phone and connection to family, work and other things while you are on your get away.

Be a kid again and try something fun that you haven't done for ages, like ice skating, rollerblading together, or visiting a carnival. The wonderful part about experiential gifts is that they create the opportunities to discover new facets of each other to keep interest high and romance well nourished.