Please. Tell me I am sexy. Tell me I am hot.


This is my advice for men and women who want to see their lovers in lingerie more often.

We hear it all day long screaming from Shape Magazine and Cosmo. We hear it on the radio all day long. We see and hear the messages all day long when we watch the news or prime time t.v.

We are not smart enough. We are not rich enough. We do not have 6 pack abs. We are not thin or athletic enough. Our boobs are too big. Our boobs are too small. You name it, we hear it and see it all day long. (Another blog I wrote called "Are you too fat to wear lingerie? Hell No!")

I forget how many messages "they" say we hear and take in on any given day these days. But, with the advent of Social Media, we also get to have all of those messages reinforced all day long on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

My advice to you - men or women. If you want to see your lover in some sexy lingerie and in the mood for more sex and affection - you are going to need to prop up or egos a little more then you use to. In fact, we all need to take this as an immediate action item. Tell your lover they are INTOXICATINGLY sexy right now.  (And, this is a totally different thread, but it would probably be a great idea to tell your kids how fantastic and smart they are more often since we know they are all hearing all of these negative messages all day long, too.)

I own a lingerie store for Plus Size women. This is a fairly new venture for me. I just opened my store Curvy Girl Lingerie in October 2012. But, I can tell you - there are way too many women in the world with very low self esteem and very bad body images. All women - I take that back - all BODIES are beautiful.

We are all different and unique. Some of us are pears. Some of us are apples. But, every body is amazing and beautiful and powerful

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