Finding Lingerie Is HARD!—These Will Have You Saying WOW


Looking for the right lingerie is a NIGHTMARE!—here are some that will have you saying WOW

your breasts are too big?!?! NOT a problem. Lingerie shopping can be hard. Especially if you're curvy, now add bigger boobs and longer body parts. Here are some great pieces that will help. 

1) Here is The Paula. A crop top, pencil skirt combo. So sexy and so great for taller, extra breasted bodies. I've seen the crop top on a few customers, they all had big chests, and it looked great. The delicate straps that cross over each breast is so hot and just makes bigger boobs pop! It screams SEXY! I can't get enough of The Paula.

2) Leopard Mesh Chemise, Underwire Cups, Removable Garters & Thong is great! The molded cups are on the larger side, makes a great piece for large breasted curvies. Now the piece is ultra sexy with the leopard mesh combo. 

3) Now lets just say that isn't wild enough. Try the Naughty by Nature extra naught piece. The cups are bigger, and the mesh side piece make it actually rather comfortable. 

4) The Tayna is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. The cups are sheer, always hot, and this does stretch. The garters are actually meant for longer bodies so you don't have to worry about them being too short. The front panel is also slimming. Comes in purple, blue, and pink.

5)The Jeanette is one of those piece that give me boob envy. That is when I wish my boobs were big enough to fit in this. It is of those piece that I just love everything about it. From the sweet lace, to the soft straps, and the darling bow. It is made for tall big breasted women. It is just beautiful.  

Now please, please don't forget. You have to LOVE the lingerie, and YOU have to feel sexy in it. Wear anything you feel the sexiest in. Yes, lingerie is great for your partner but even better when you feel confident in it. Also these pieces can be found in our online store. http://shop.curvygirlinc.com/

Stay sexy!