If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going


A little country music can help you get you through tough times.

Sometimes, you need a little country music to get you through the tough times. Country music has a rich history of telling relevant stories in unbridled terms, and often addressing controversial issues. These emotional songs go back generations, including such great hits as "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "The Pill." In the long standing tradition of country music, Rodney Atkins hit a homerun with his timely 2006 release of "If You're Going Through Hell." It was his first big hit, and launched him into stardom. It resonated with listeners and became a motivating anthem for those "Going through Hell" at a time when everyone seemed to be hoping for the difficulty of the recession to end.

Over a half decade later, people still identify with the undying message of the song: You are not alone, and there's always hope. Of course, when times are tough, it probably feels like the following verse of "If You’re Going Through Hell":

"Well, you know those times/ When you feel like there's a sign there on your back/ Says I don't mind if ya kick me./ Seems like everybody has/ Things go from bad to worse/ You'd think they can't get worse than that/ And then they do."

Some say horrible things happen in threes. One disaster rolls into the next. You lose your job, then your house, and finally your marriage. Instead, it might be a dead-end job and the emotional turmoil over the death of your father or a seriously sick child. They compound into one large bundle of colliding problems. It seems so dark and endless. The trouble overtakes your thoughts and then consumes your life. Rodney Atkins sings it like this:

"Well, I been deep down in that darkness/ I been down to my last match/ Felt a hundred different demons/ Breathing fire down my back"

It's almost inevitable that you will face tough times, and these moments of hardship will strengthen you. Acknowledge what keeps you up at night. Which one of the following major life events keeps you up at night?

  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Health problems
  • Career stalemate
  • Unlucky in love or a broken heart
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Job loss
  • Unexpected financial difficulties
  • The future

These are all issues you may be facing, but you're not alone. Hundreds of people have the same issues you do. Why else would a strong titled "Going Through Hell" rocket a previously unknown artist into the mainstream? Tough times inevitably pass, but it's how you handle it that matters.

The most important thing is to "keep on going, don't slow down/ If you're scared don’t show it/ You might get out/ Before the devil even knows you're there."

The refrain is your mantra. Repeat it over and over until it fills you up and gets you ready to face the changes taking over your life.

Perhaps the strongest advice in the song for handling the tough times is "there's angels everywhere out on the street, holding out a hand to get you back up on your feet." There are people, like me, who can help you find your way out of the hole where you've found yourself. You just have to keep moving through the darkness, and I can help you face the fire of your life.

As a Coach, I help you navigate the waters of change. Sometimes, you get too emotionally involved — how can you not — in the circumstances making your life a disaster. You feel helpless. My greatest attribute would be that I listen with and for you. It's your story that's powerful. Our lives are, quite frankly, sometimes inundated with challenges, and I can help you develop the following plans and strategies to overcome your challenges:

  • A skills portfolio
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Defining your goals
  • Managing your stress
  • Developing a financial plan
  • Charting your career path
  • Identifying what you need to do to obtain your goals

Your life doesn't have to feel like you are going through hell without support. So I'll leave you with the powerful words from the refrain of "If You're Going Through Hell."

If you're going through hell

Keep on going, don't slow down

If you're scared, don't show it

You might get out

Before the devil even knows you're there

If you're going through hell

Keep on moving, face that fire

Some of you are suffering from a breakup or a divorce but there's help right around the corner. Drop me an email to schedule a consultation!

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