3 Important Tips For Being Successful at Online Dating!


Being successful takes some patience!

  1. If you're going through a rough stretch financially, emotionally spent, in limbo in terms of a healthy ego — stay away from attempting to meet someone. You want to be at your best, and if you do choose to meet someone while stressed out, the likelihood your relationship will last or sustain itself is slim. No one's perfect, and most of us are going through something. However, the odds of finding a doctor or nurse these days to lick your wounds are slim and none.
  2. Be true to yourself regarding who you are and who you want to meet: if you're older and they're much younger, race, tall or short, or with a college degree or not, that's perfectly okay. You'll most likely be more successful if you're honest. Something else — if they say they want to meet someone who loves the beach and the water, most likely, even if you're a hiker, eventually you're going to get wet! Again, no is no, so if they don't respond to your wink or email, move on. You're not the only person or candidate on that dating site! No one here is going to beat you over the head regarding your preferences. Hang in there!
  3. It's a virtual world out there, what you see and hear isn't always what you see in person. Yes, it's terrible to believe that everyone isn't above board about who they say they are. Do your research. You're not going to run right out the door to meet them, you're not going to give them your contact information right away; stay under the radar a little. You may find them over on another site, which is normal these days. Safety is important. Spend some time getting to know them no matter what. The online dating world has so many options, choices, and flavors; settle down and take a deep breath before clicking on that favorite button or icon. If they appear too good to be true, then they probably are. Finally, if you choose to hang around long enough, you'll probably meet that person of your dreams!

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