Want To Be Happy? Stop Making "Smart" Choices

Love, Family

You come first: not what everyone else wants.

Think back to the ambitious, determined, 17-year-old version of yourself. What plans did you have for your life? Why? Chances are, the method behind your madness was the ultimate goal we all seek: happiness.

Many of us go through the life planning process: go to school, choose a responsible career, find the love of your life, strive to afford all of the wonderful experiences that money can buy and live happily ever after. We climb a mountain of accomplishments expecting to hit the peak of blissful happiness somewhere around age 30. Why? Because we are smart. We observe, learn, and grow. We know what we should and shouldn't do to get where we want to be in life. We devise our own personal strategy for making it all happen and we go out there and get things done. At least, that's what I did. I even went so far as building a literal white picket fence around my home to contribute to the vision.

The cruel twist of fate, which slapped me in the face in my late-20s, is that happiness is not reached through strategic means. After one too many "smart" decisions, you just may wake up one day realizing that the blissful peak of that mountain is no longer in sight. And even worse, in the midst of it all, you've sacrificed your time, your energy, your sanity and even worse — yourself.

It's time to replace your plans with your dreams and start making decisions with your heart instead of your head. What do you really want to do with your life? What passions are flowing inside of you waiting to be expressed? How can you give your unique gifts to the world? We need you. We're waiting.