In a Funk? 3 Songs To Amp You Up & Move You Forward

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Feeling unmotivated and frustrated? Stuck? If you need a quick pick-me-up, take a listen...

With all of the daily stressors we each face, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves in a funk - feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, uninspired, and maybe even a little depressed.  When you feel this way, you are less likely to be productive, connect with others, or enjoy yourself. So, what do you do? Get out of your funk as quickly as possible! While there are many ways to shift your energy and reconnect with your spirit, music is one approach that works quickly and effectively for most people. So the next time you find yourself under that dark cloud, turn up the music, belt out the words, and dance like no one is watching. Try this inspiring playlist to get you started. It’s key that you listen to the songs in this particular order:

NOTE: All video links below redirect to YouTube and some contain explicit lyrics, as well as advertisements.

Pink - F**kin’ PerfectThis powerful song will connect you to some of those darker feelings that are holding you back, while also getting you pumped up. Why is this important? When shifting energy, you want to acknowledge your shadow side that has temporarily taken over. We all have a shadow side and those feelings need to be expressed so you can move beyond them. If you’re down in the dumps, putting on an overly cheery song will likely not help... take it one step at a time.

Sara Bareilles - BraveOnce you’ve expressed the more frustrated side and released that energy, you’ll be ready to start transitioning to something a little more inspiring and positive. Remember... you want to shift intentionally so not to try to kid yourself into feeling better. This song is a great example of acknowledging some of the pain, but immediately turning that into positive action.

Aloe Blacc - The ManNow that you’ve moved through the frustrations and you’re on a more uplifting spin, it’s time to really feel great about who you are and what you are capable of. This song does a wonderful job of boosting your confidence and preparing you to tackle the world ahead of you.

Granted, everyone has a personal taste for music. If you do not find these songs among your favorites, create your own personal playlist following a similar shift. Start with a song that taps into the darker side and allows you to express the anger or frustration. Move onto something a little more middle of the road to still acknowledge the shadow, but transition into what it is you are looking to achieve. Finally, end with a song that is all about singing your own praises for yourself and what you believe in. It's not the songs so much as the pattern that will cause that energy shift. And remember - the more you feel it - the louder you sing - the more passionately you dance - the better the results.

Once you’ve found what works for you, keep your personal playlist readily available on your phone or computer. And, if you find you need to listen to it more often than you would like, I invite you to contact me for a personalized strategy session to shift your energy at a deeper, more sustainable level.