Empowered Women: Unite Under Self-Love

Empowered Women: Unite Under Self-Love [EXPERT]

Take a journey into the past, exploring the highs and lows of women's fight for equality.

It is sad that we've allowed ourselves to buy into it the excess. But, I do believe this is changing. Slowly but surely, we are changing. We are realizing that our magnificent beauty and strength will only transcend when we join together as sisters — as mirror reflections of our own beautiful souls. To celebrate our splendor and rejoice in our power is to know that we are exactly as we should be. Where stock market portfolios and perfume can go hand-in-hand, we happily regard men as our much-needed partners and not our oppressors.

This is a space where beauty can be celebrated with long black hair or a short blonde crop. A place where breast size has nothing to do with intelligence or sincerity, and where we lovingly respect and honor our femininity, without pressure or expectation. It is time that we stop living with this fear-driven force and begin accessing the unstoppable and limitless source of authentic power that is deep within each of us. Lipstick and lingerie are not the enemy, yet neither is detachment and autonomy. 3 Ways To Attract Your Mate Through Self Love

The time has come for women to enter into a new era where we "claim who we are!" A time we embrace our differences and accept and revere what makes us uniquely women. Where we no longer gauge our success and beauty using each other as our barometers, or compete to get the "best man" that will give us the "best life." It is ultimately time to appreciate ourselves and each other, consciously excited that beauty is diverse and more importantly, that nothing, not even time, can steal it away. As I tell my daughters every day, "Love your body and it will love you back!" How You Can Learn To Love Yourself

The SWAT Institute is dedicated to this very cause: Women empowering women; celebrating our successes while still healing our past wounds. We are the next era of the women's movement and we invite you to join us in strength and spirit!
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Crystal Andrus


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