Goddess Rising Retreat~Access Your Authentic Feminine Power


Activiate your authentic feminine power~ your Goddess within ~ discover "who you really are"?




After thousands of years of oppression, repression, and suppression, the authentic voice of Woman can finally be heard:

“Get up. Stand tall. Know who you are.”

Buried within each of us is a Goddess of authentic feminine power….

This Goddess has a humble confidence, a gentle strength, an overwhelming presence, beauty, and nobility. She glides effortlessly into a room, with a radiant energy of love, light, and magnificence. She is wise, sensuous, receiving, and powerful beyond measure. She is love incarnate.  She is the Goddess Rising. She is within YOU!

When we learn how to fully access our authentic feminine power, we can become unstoppable at anything we desire! It is the true power behind the greatest expressions of ourselves as women; of who “we really are”.


Are you ready to discover and activate your authentic feminine power –
Your Goddess within?

Join me in Italy for the “Goddess Rising” Retreat

During this 10-Day “Goddess Rising” Retreat in Italy, a small group of mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters will come together and join me as I guide them to transcend the fears, self-limiting beliefs, and doctrines that have held us down and robbed us of our power.

Day after day, step-by step, I will carefully guide you to creating the greatest version of yourself.  You will learn where we women collectively lost our “voice,” why we buried our own golden treasures—our individual talents, dreams, needs, and wants, and how we learned to navigate our way in the patriarchal world that has up until now reigned supreme. We will explore how to rise above the lower levels of disempowered emotions and energy that have been keeping you down, small, insecure, and afraid. You will learn how to raise your own personal vibration to a place of pure power, love, beauty, courage and grace, in a land that holds many sacred sites and areas, that all vibrate at magnificent levels of love and beauty.

This magical and mystical place in Italy, the Fucino Valley, is steeped in old-world legends of Goddesses and Gods and true love. There is an energy that draws you in and surrounds you with warmth and joy. This energy has lived there for a long time and its power is strong, incredible, beautiful, and so in line with the spirit of our feminine energy; of whom we need to be; of whom “we really are”.

Are ready to realize your dreams and manifest your highest good?
Are you ready to embrace the goddess within you and feel the power of the healing energies found exclusively in this valley?

Join me in Italy from September 9-20th, 2012!

The “Goddess Rising” is a journey of truly connecting with your authentic feminine power! It is a power that each and every one of us must access in order to be enlightened in all areas of our lives—physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually.

The “Goddess Rising” is 10-days of pure magic—a trip that will truly change your life forever.