Beauty is In the Soul


Shift your internal "energy": turn up your light and shine your most radiant and beautiful self!


Have you ever noticed that when we meet people who “light up the room” we often say that they’re beautiful? Regardless of their physical features or the outfits they’re wearing, we just know that certain individuals have something special, a sparkle deep within. We’re naturally drawn to them. They shine, and their energy is intoxicating.

So, what exactly do they possess? And how can we acquire it, too?

The Essence of All Life

Did you know that although to the naked eye we may appear to be physical bodies composed of solid matter, we are in fact organisms of pure energy?

It’s true!

Quantum physics tells us that we’re actually composed of subatomic particles that are 99.99999 percent empty—with just a mere .000001 percent matter! We are actually billions of tiny bundles of energy all vibrating at various speeds. Imagine—in essence, we’re almost not here! In fact, Albert Einstein concluded that matter and energy are perfectly interchangeable, so you can think of matter as the heaviest form of energy, and energy as the lightest form of matter.

This doesn’t just apply to us human beings either, but to all matter, from books you read to the chair you’re sitting on, birds, trees, flowers, the moon, sun, and stars. Energy is the essence of all life!

Don’t confuse energy with the liveliness of a 20-year-old fitness instructor—rather, everything is energy. Nature gives off an abundance of energy; in fact, the food we eat when digested becomes energy called a “calorie.” Lights, music, computers, television, and radio all give off energy, resonating at different speeds. (Just think of how great music can lift your spirits or how a disturbing movie can dampen your mood.)

Think of yourself as an “energy-processing system.” While this might sound technical, each of us is in fact processing everything—from the air we breath to the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the sounds we hear, the words we speak, the images we see, and the emotions we feel—which all create energy within our body.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, the brilliant author of Power vs. Force, by using the science of kinesiology, scientists are able to determine the speed that each level of consciousness vibrates at. That is, when we have thoughts that are happy and positive, our energetic frequency vibrates very quickly (we are light, bright and powerful), while when we have negative thoughts, our energy essentially downshifts. Emotions of love and joy are vibrant, while shame and guilt are dark and heavy. When we speak words that are kind and thoughtful, we raise our resonance by leaps and bounds, while hurtful and cruel ones lower our energy to a dark place. We can literally become exhausted by our own thoughts and words.

Energetic frequency is never static—we’re always in a state of flux, depending upon our mood, our surroundings, the foods we eat, how we move our bodies, and probably the most important factor, the thoughts we think.  It’s important to know that energy can never be lost, only transferred.

I know all this may sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple. In fact, my when youngest daughter Julia was only eight-years-old, she came up with this perfect analogy for explaining how bright and beautiful we shine. She ran over to the dimmer switch on the wall of our dining room and asked, “Like this?” As she turned the knob all the way up, the full spectrum of the light beamed out across the room, and she said, “This is someone who’s nice and loves everyone.” And then she slowly lowered it down, pretending she was sad. “This is someone who is mean and afraid,” she said.

“Yes, you’ve got it!” I told her, impressed. “We’re all born with a 1,000 watt bulb inside of us, so to speak, that brilliantly shines through every pore in our body. When we love and treat ourselves and all others with respect, dignity, compassion, and kindness, our light radiantly shines for the whole world to see. But when we stop loving, we stop shining—we barely give off any light at all. And remember, we attract people who shine with the same ‘wattage’ as we do! So if you want to have great people in your life, be a great person!”

Those who live with this awe-inspiring resonance of a daily basis have engaged in the deliberate choice of aligning their energy to the highest levels of universal frequency—Source Energy, God, or whatever you call it. As Gary Zukav says in his incredible book The Seat of the Soul, “When you shift the level of your consciousness, you shift the frequency of your light.” In other words, the more consciously awake you are, the brighter you shine and the more radiant you look and feel.

For many years, the word consciousness was used only in the physical realm, as nothing more than the function of the brain, such as “He hit his head and lost consciousness.” But these days we know that it’s actually something profoundly deeper: When an idea suddenly makes perfect sense, we say, “It was like a light came on,” which perfectly defines the word enlightenment.

Awareness, or consciousness, is like an awakening where you suddenly acutely aware that you already have all the answers within you (for example, that you were created in the likeness of perfection), so you intuitively embrace your reflection with contentedness and ease. This is when fear and attachment are suddenly rendered obsolete and when everyone, and everything, in the world becomes exquisitely beautiful. It’s when time stands still.

However, shifting our internal resonance to the highest levels is not a mind-made choice; instead, these shifts happen by stilling the racing mind and allowing the beauty of your soul to light the way. Sustaining the shift is the secret to maintaining the centered, seemingly-miraculous, breathtaking beauty that’s the theme of this article.

Since everything from the thoughts we think to the words we speak, how we nurture ourselves and each other, the surroundings we live in, whom we associate with, and even the way we handle stress is energy, then understanding energy is crucial. Compare it to this fabulous Zen parable: A fish prince one day asks his mother, “What is this ‘water’ that I keep hearing about from everyone? I’m not sure what it is!” To which his mother replies, “You were born in water, and you will die in it. It flows through you and around you. It’s so much a part of you that you’re unaware of it.”

Jesus Christ and the Buddha lived with the highest levels of human consciousness, transcending beauty into an effortless and enlightened state. This is the quest for all of us, for the more energy we have, the more powerful we are. As we begin to abide by the powerfully potent energies of trust, faith, love, acceptance, and detachment, our world becomes exactly as it is supposed to be, and we understand the saying, “When everything is meant to be, it just falls perfectly into place.”

When we are willing to have the courage to face and make peace with parts of our lives we are least proud of, freedom, authenticity, congruence, self-acceptance and love emerge. 

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