Who Says That All The Good Ones Are Gone!


Who says that all of the good ones are gone!

This myth has been floating around like a bad cold for years! Where exactly did that saying come from? Did it come about after you watched your BFF run off into the sunset with the man of her dreams, or did it stem from you having bad dates? Or could it be a excuse, to why your attracted to men that are already spoken for.

Well now it's time to get rid of that old cold and get out there!

Decide that in 2010 You will win!

As a matchmaker, I have always believed that men of quality really do exist! Heck, I meet them every day and just featured the very interesting and talented Al Butler as our batchelor for January! This man needs no introduction, he can defintily carry his own!

You may be saying "but Coy I'm in Atlanta"! If I was in New York I wouldn't be having this problem! You could or you could not!

Hear me and Hear me well! If you are only looking for a NFL player then the pickings may be slim. Everybody can't have a Saint!

First start with identifying what your needs are vs. your wants. If your wants are always popping up first ! No need to panic! Just prioritze what's really important and place your needs on top!

Lastly,remember the dating scene in many major cities is not like the show "Sex and The City"! Heck, it's not even that hot in New York City!

One reason is that many singles are too busy climbing the corporate ladder and working late hours that they don't have the time nor the energy to seek out dates.

So, whenever you hear the saying that all the good ones are gone know that it may be for them but this doesn't apply to you!