5 Natural Ways To Prevent Cancer


5 simple, yet powerful ways to optimize your body’s ability to prevent the most common cancers.

4. Vitamin D3 Intake

Bad: Work inside, play inside

Vitamin D is commonly associated with the sun, and for good reason. Sunlight teams with your skin to produce it. Unfortunately, vitamin D3 is not commonly found in foods, so if you work inside, play inside and don’t take a supplement, you’re probably not getting enough vitamin D3.

Better: 10-15 minutes of midday sun each day

This is the minimum amount to avoid a vitamin D3 deficiency. If you lack vitamin D3, you may be more susceptible to cancer, depression and insulin resistance. Take a walk during your lunch break to ensure you get enough time in the sun.

Best: Get some sun and supplement

A vitamin D3 supplement, along with midday sun and lots of vegetables, keeps your digestive system on track and boosts your immune system’s ability to regulate your naturally occurring cancer cells. Vitamin D3 has been shown to have the same effect as a drug used for breast cancer treatment.

Note: The use of sunscreen will inhibit the amount of vitamin D3 your skin can absorb from sunlight thus creating a deficiency.

5. Exercise Benefits

Bad: No training or overtraining

If you don’t exercise you won’t feel the benefits of fitness training. Obviously. Most people don’t realize, though, that training too much can actually hamper your immune system. The constant physical stress of working out can leave you physically fatigued and suppress your immune system. This provides cancer cells the opportunity to multiply unchecked. Take time to recover, and adjust your regimen to account for new stresses in your daily life.

Better: Traditional workouts

Stretch. Run for 30 minutes. Lift weight 8-12 times. Repeat three times. This old routine may work for bodybuilders, but it’s old news for everyone else. Traditional do-a-set-then-rest weightlifting prescribes too much waiting between sets. Maintaining the same pace on a bike or elliptical machine for 30-plus minutes can increase fat storage and slow your post-workout recovery. These old methods do not optimize your body’s cancer-fighting ability.

Best: Surge training

The best kind of workout maximizes your body’ ability to kill cancer cells.  Surge training controls your weight, strengthens your immune system, balances your hormones, stimulates nerve function and helps detoxify your system.

By training in surges—short bursts of maximum effort—you push your body to work as hard as it can, rest only as much as necessary and surge again. The best part? Beginners can effectively train in only 12 minutes using this method.