'Put On Some Socks!' And Other Relationship Tips


Cold feet, and climbing the mountain of marriage.

I have to admit it; I love Raymond. I mean, I love Everybody Loves Raymond. I enjoy every single corny, over-watched, laugh-tracked episode, and the familiar characters that almost everyone can find some version of in their own families. Why? Because it makes me laugh.

A few nights ago, I watched as Debra and Ray were seeing their priest for some pre-marital counseling. It seems that Ray was getting a little nervous before taking his vows, and wanted to make sure that Debra really loved him. He worried that in reality, maybe she was a little out of his league.

My favorite line was when Debra yelled at Ray, "I don't care if you've got cold feet. Put on some socks!" It made me think, maybe that's what we all need. Maybe all we need is a good old kick in the butt—a reminder that a little fear isn't the end.

Something that allows you to do what you need to do and get over it. So, of course I think about my dear clients. They are brave and smart. They figuratively climb mountains all the time in their life. And sometimes they get scared.

But being scared doesn't mean to stop. It means receiving help, looking at your thoughts and questioning their validity, and it means tweaking what you are doing.

But it never means, stop! Turn around, and go back down that mountain because it simply means, "put on some socks!"

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